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This is a list of talks with links to the slides. I won’t list all of my talks, but I will have most of them here. This list serves as more of a reference of talks that I have given, and less of a resource for learning. It will probably be hard to gleen much information from the slides unless you were there to hear me talk.


  • The future of Web Accessibility and ADA Compliance - given at Nebraska.Code()
  • WebAudit - given at Drupal Camp - Colorado
  • Accessibility for Developers - future talk at Vogon Poetry (local developer meetup)
  • Introduction to Accessibility - future lecture at Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management


2016 and older

  • Accessible Links - Given at UNL in 2016
  • Zend Expressive (micro framework) - Given at UNL Developers Forum in 2016
  • Intro to accessibility - Given at Nebraska.code() in 2016
  • Monitoring Website Quality - Given at CIC Tech Forum in 2015
  • Accessibility Manual Testing - Given at UNL in 2015
  • Single Log Out - Given at UNL Developers Forum in 2015
  • Automated a11y testing - Given at UNL in 2015